The “Discovery Chest”  series is a wealth of hands-on-learning activities contained in a
travel case. They are accompanied by a downloadable curriculum that will provide a teaching infrastructure for the chest contents.   The chest will contain many objects including books, dvds, replica fossils teeth, claws, rocks, miniature skeletons and various artifacts .  In time, Its For Kids will offer a range of different “Discovery Chest” depending on the theme or unit studies such as:

-Scales , Fins and Feathers

-Monkeys , Apes and Men

-Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs

-Mind,  Matter and  Miracles

Dinosaurs Those Terrible Lizzards (Chest 1):

It is a well know reality by early elementary educators that dinosaurs are school age children’s initial contact with the “natural” world. This introductory chest contains an array of artifacts and teaching tools that aid the instructor teach the following questions:



What does dinosaur mean?

What color were dinosaurs

When did dinosaurs exist?

Can we trust the Bible on such matters?

What is the oldest dinosaur every found?

Your students will find this Discovery Chest engaging and will not soon forget this unit study on Dinosaurs Those Terrible Lizards.

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